A word game based upon Adyne Wakefield's 1982 card-word game Quipto, this adaptation was created for iOS and Android using React Native for the frontend and a custom API backend built with PHP and MYSQL. Includes In-App Purchases and Push Notifications.

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Empire Tarot

An alternate universe version of Tarot for iOS and Android built using React Native and a custom API backend. Includes In-App Purchases and Push Notifications.

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Let's Pretend

A financial/mystery game created for the web that features a continuously updating fictitious stock market with 75 companies, an automated news generator, a series of chatbots, and a slew of easter eggs.

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After Dark Cookies needed a better way to track the shifts and hours of its delivery drivers. I built a system that allowed drivers to track their time, sign up for shifts, exchange shifts with other drivers, and manage their tip information. The system used a Bootstrap frontend and a backend built using PHP and MYSQL that integrated Twilio and SendGrid for communications. Later, Stripe was integrated to manage driver payments.

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Morgen Genentech

The Empire of Australia project takes on many forms, and some of those forms include websites for companies that are part of this parallel universe. Morgen Genentech needed a quick, stylish website created.

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Paralux Unlimited

Another alternate universe company, this website for Paralux was created in just about an hour and showcases "products" that the company offers.

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A simple WordPress blog site that was set up in less than 4 hours.

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I have created dozens of websites with custom Content Management Systems (CMS) and Learning Management Systems (LMS). I've built multiple e-commerce sites integrating PayPal, Stripe, Dwolla, and other payment tech. I've built custom reservation and event management systems for yoga studios and eco-lodges. I built a social media website for playwrights. I've architected backend systems to manage hundreds of thousands of records and thousands of requests.

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